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The Mountain will serve as the legacy for the prolific artist Ray Brooks


15 years ago this was his vision


In partnership with, we have started work on this again in Ray's memory and we need sponsors, investors and a site.

Please get in touch with us if you can help or would like to be involved.




We want to build a Mountain in East Anglia 


Because we haven’t got one!

(2010 The Plan, to Build a Mountain in East Anglia, has been put on Hold for a while, but not forgotten ..........)

Essentially, this is a project about us and  our environment.
In this land of Albion we have stunningly beautiful countryside and magnificent skies with sparkling light. 

We have great cathedrals, universities and historic cities.  We have unique wildlife, splendid woodlands and a dynamic and active coastline.

    And a tremendous  lot of flatness.  

So this  project seeks to create a massive earthwork – a large scale environmental sculpture  -   A Mountain.  

The top of the mountain will be around 500ft above sea level, the highest point in all of East Anglia.

Around 300m in diameter, with a lake around it.


WHY ?   

It would be  the highest geographical point in the region  – giving East Anglia a true landmark , a symbol of the pride and identity we  feel for our homeground. 

We have lots of old airfields here, the idea is to acquire one of these, excavate a huge circular lake and use the earth to build a massive mound – a Mountain -  with its top over 500ft above sea level. Part of one side will be shaped to form an amphitheatre, for outdoor performances, and a spiral ‘meander’ maze will be created to walk up to the top, and down again. We'd like to create  an expasive NewWoodlands - plant thousands of trees - places for people and homes for animals.

To create something on this huge scale is quite a challenge. It is an enormous project to take on , needing the help, support and tolerance of the surrounding community. It means being open to a dream, and being willing to maybe get your hands dirty.

How will it be built?    Big earthmoving machinery and conveyors - we are working on this - plans and costings are being drawn up.  Alternatively , by lots of people with spades and wheelbarrows - in many ways a much more pleasant option - although taking a little longer..............


Roger sent me this message :

" Blessings on the mountain........I remember talking with you on numerous inebriated occasions about, having found the site, to go there with a wheelbarrow and a couple of spades and just start. In our fantasy, during which whisky  ruled out backache, two mad monks digging would eventually create enough energy and momentum for the mountain to make itself, to grow, as people arrived with their spades and barrows, and then bored JCB operators passing by stopping out of curiosity, and staying; until finally, over the horizon, earthmovers and 20 foot wide dumptrucks driven by beaming bald lunatics.  I can't imagine how funders will take it, it's so simple and almost obvious. "

However it is done will need a lot of help .

Its just an idea, and if you/we -the people who live here - decide they don't want it, well, we'll do it somewhere else. 

As well as the actual construction and engineering problems,  we have to work with a keen and sensitive awareness of the Earth, for now and long into the future, because the Mountain will not go away – like Stonehenge,   it will be here to stay.

Perhaps we are the Cavemen of the 21st Century ?

What is it going be like ?   -  some ideas          

 And some  fanciful mountain pictures                    

Some interesting thoughts about mountainsHow high is a mountain ?



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