Build a Mountain


“ Only when the last tree has died and the last river has been poisoned and the last fish has been caught will we realise that we cannot eat money “  Cree Indian Saying


Noun 1. Mountain  -  a large mass of earth and rock, rising above the common level of the earth or adjacent land ; an eminence higher than a hill.

Noun 2. Mountain – a land mass that projects well above its surroundings;  higher than a hill.


“…… a list of heights, based on numbers, will miss out some good hills and include some boring ones. There will never be a numerical definition of a mountain “


“Let's legitamize dreaming, open possibilities,awaken desires “


Leaning tower of Pisa – 180ft high

Leshan Buddha, China, -  71 metres high

Crazy Horse Monument, USA, -  565 ft high (unfinished)


“ All the Earth is Sacred, every step we take.

All the Earth is Sacred, every breath we take.

Unite the people, we are One”     PRANA  Chant


High points in E Anglia :

Rede, nr Sudbury, Suffolk               419ft

Beacon Hill, Norfolk                        336ft

High Wood, Essex                          482ft  

Great Chishill, Cambs                      480ft


“  Part of the role of artists is to show what may not  be seen, to create bridges between worlds, turn doubts into certainty, and display the fragility of reality “





108  :            Sun and Earth: The diameter of the sun is 108 times the    diameter of the Earth.

           The Chinese Buddhists and Taoists use a 108 bead mala.

108 meaning   LINK to Website with  more 108 info