The mountain will serve as the legacy for the prolific artist Ray Brooks

15 years ago this was his vision

We have started work on this again and we need sponsors, investors and a site.

Please get in touch with us if you can help or would like to be involved.

SEPTEMBER  2004 -  since the Landmark East competition ended  our activity on the project has been quite low key - visiting and talking to local people , seeing how they feel about the idea.  And the response has been very positive so far.

Earlier this week we attended the Exhibition and event in Cambridge held by Landmark East where all the entries were on display - amazed at the quality and quantity of entries and wonder of imagination displayed.

Lots of enthusiasm there too and encouragement for people not to be put off continuing with their projects - the designers of both the London Eye and the Eden Project were there, saying how they too had had early setbacks and failures.

Persevere was the message.

Today  -  friday 10th - Ray was interviewed by local BBc radio.


Feb25th - PM-   Landmark East announced the twelve projects they have selected today  .

  The Mountain was not one of them .

Too disappointed to comment on the ones they have chosen...............

Big question is - do we go ahead anyway and build it?

I'm going to go and drink some more of my pear wine , 2003 , a little cloudy as yet, but improving nicely, think about it...............................

Feb 26th - AM -  I noticed a message from John on the message board , thank you John, so sweet. Anyway, interestingly, he said he had  " told ten people already"   -  and if those people told ten more people each   -   and each one paid for  a share .............   we would  soon have a couple of million  to make a start .

I suspect we've been wassailed.


March 1st 2004  -  Thank you for messages of support  - me downcast  ? hey  I'm a Gorgon  ! This is what happened to point us in another  direction.-   Big Q is  what next ?

My feeling is that the Mountain will get built - may take a while ..... and we need a different approach  .  There is something a little distasteful about this whole process of applying for funding, or approval, or permission , from people, groups , lottery or government,  that reinforces the "Power from the Top" syndrome that pervades so much of our culture.  We don't need to give them any more than they already have.

We have to have good foundations.  Start from the bottom. Good sense and some integrity.

I'm not really interested in creating something that nobody wants - so its back to  renewing contact with the Earth - hands in soil .

So , without too much rabbitting  , this is what I propose :

We have one  possible site lined up, in Suffolk, and will talk further with the landowner.

We will now begin to talk to people who live nearby, whose lives would be affected by the Mountain, get some response and feedback, and hopefully, support.  We are also following up the suggestion of using several million old car tyres  -  there are huge dumps of them already existing , we could charge for this facility.  Does anyone know about the biodegradable properties of tyres - is it safe to bury them ?

t the same time we  are setting up the Mountain Trust and Shareholding . We now have, effortlessly, seven people who want shares . 

One suggestion  :-

-   People may buy one share for £108. No-one can have more than one share.    (Why 108 you ask ? Its because I have this odd thing about numbers - often when creating a sculpture , or measuring a site , I like to choose special numbers or combinations or ratios , forgive me, merely a small foible )                          CLICK HERE to go to "Interesting Thoughts"    NUMBERS )

-   To buy a share you also have to make a commitment to tell  12 more people about the Mountain - (12 is another splendid number !)               Just tell them, you don't have to try and make anyone buy shares - just explain the project.

 Obviously a lot of work to do on creating the Mountain Trust    suggestions and help welcome

Site and Planning

Obviously Planning would be a major issue. 

People living nearby may not want all this on their doorstep, it will alter the landscape and bring in many visitors to an area perhaps not well served with roads.  We have to start by asking . 

Regarding one potential site we are considering ,we have met with one local authority who were totally non committal but not dismissive.  

We have also contacted the landowner of this  one site – he also was undaunted by the idea and willing to at least consider it.


e mail   received  16th Feb 2004  re: construction

“The volume of a 300m diameter, 120m high cone is 2,826,000 cubic metres. 

Rather than use a moat, we could possibly excavate an annulus around the mountain.  This would have the effect of further raising the mountain from the local terrain.  One could still put a moat within the annulus. 

To obtain sufficient material the annulus would need a diameter of 500 metres, ie it would be 200m metres wide, and would need to be an average of 7 metres deep.  This would generate a volume of 2,198,000 cubic metres, which would bulk up to the required volume.
Possibly an opportunity to overcome an environmental problem by using innert waste eg old car tyres 

Based on the above, the diameter of the recessed annulus to its centre line is 500 metres. Overall it would be 700 metres.  It could be irregular in shape to suit the site layout and could be used to screen car parking, visitor centre etc.  “