The Mountain is essentially an ecological  art project , totally sustainable with a long term development plan far into the future.

We will be excavating a great circular waterway , building a huge pile of Earth, for the Mountain,  landscaping the surrounding area,  and planting thousands of trees.

So, when complete the Mountain site will feature :

-       A Maze – A circular/spiral meander maze will take you to the top of the Mountain, and down again.

-       An Amphitheatre – This is being designed to facilitate outdoor concerts and performances. Attention given to acoustics and access.

-       Water sports and activities – Boating, fishing , bathing. A circular water track creates interesting racing opportunities.

-       Walking  –  New footpaths around the site and new woodlands, linking with existing  local paths.

-     Ski Slopes – for training

-       Facilities – Which could include a  Restaurant , Picnic Areas,  shops,  etc.

 -       A Sculpture Trail -  Commissioned artwork placed on pathways

-       Craft and Arts  – workshops and sites for rural skills.

-       And , of course,  The view  -  Which should be the most spectacular in     East   Anglia !