WHO is doing this ?

Professional Artists and Sculptors

At present two local artist/sculptors who have done most of this proposal. Other artists would be engaged later, certainly for consultation and inspiration at the feasibility stage, and later as appropriate.

 A Company of Architects

A leading British company has assisted with the proposal and is keen to participate fully in the project at all stages.

       Engineering and Groundworks consultants

A national company is helping  with  a preliminary construction assessment, and design considerations. Outline estimates are being prepared by  a cost consultant . We are interested in any other large, or small, landwork engineering companies who could advise or offer support - there will be a lot of publicity if someone loaned us some big eathmoving euipment, and of couse, someone to operate it.

      Landscape architects

One  group practice has indicated interest and offered early advice


     Enviromental organisations

This is a vital element of the project where we need considerable input. We have spoken  positively with local environmental groups and will incorporate them in the team at feasibility stage

      Local community

Another essential partner. We have already discussed the idea with some local people in Suffolk near one potential site. No unfavourable responses yet, certain scepticism and humour. Potentially we would favour good contact with local parish councils and old fashioned door-to-door meeting with people in the locality.



An experienced multi-media organisation have said they would like to be involved in filmimg the project from a very early stage.