Why build a Mountain?

    It will be a totally unique and outstanding landscape monument 

    A great engineering and artistic achievement 

     Long term benefits - Wonderful attractions, a  meander Maze , a vast Amphitheatre for concerts and performances , the lake for water sports, boating and fishing ,    new  woodlands , walks and wildlife areas, a sculpture trail,   and the most incredible VIEW in the East 


      Regeneration of land – site on an old airfield. 

    Historical significance, a great tradition in East Anglia  of Earthworks , Ancient Sites ,  Fens,  and Broads - something to be proud of ,  created in the 21st Century.      


Possibly a way to  bury and dispose of vast quantities of  OLD TYRES

     Employment and creative opportunities for  people locally

     A ‘Record Breaker’ – It can be the highest point in East   Anglia and  probably the biggest Sculpture in the World

      Totally sustainable  with ongoing development of  high  quality ecological environment .

     Tremendous tourism opportunities and boost to businesses and the local   economy